Make Sure There's A Sturdy Roof Over Your Home

Make Sure There's A Sturdy Roof Over Your Home

Schedule a professional roof installation in the Atlanta, Texarkana or Linden, TX area

Whether you're finishing up construction on a brand-new house or need to replace a roof that was destroyed in a storm, you need a roof you can rely on to protect your home. Call on Mike's Roofing and know that your house will be protected by a durable roof installation.

We'll work with any brand or manufacturer and can install traditional asphalt shingle and metal roofing systems. You can choose a roofing system that you're confident in and we'll take care of the rest. Get residential roofing services in Atlanta, Texarkana or Linden, TX by contacting us today.

The difference between asphalt and metal

Not sure which roofing material to use on your home? Our residential roofing contractor can explain the differences in detail, but the general pros and cons include...

  • Asphalt shingle - A common choice for all kinds of homes, asphalt is affordable, durable and comes in a variety of styles to give your home a beautiful look.
  • Metal tile - Metal is more expensive to install, but provides an incredible amount of durability. A metal roof installation can last as long as 70 years, which is sure to give you added peace of mind.

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